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Although it is not something one likes to consider it is an unfortunate fact that death is inevitable. One should therefore consider “putting their affairs in order” and making a Will appointing persons as Executors who you can trust to make sure your wishes are carried out in the event of your death. If you do not make a Will then on your death Rules of Intestacy apply which is basically a format laid down by law for the distribution of your estate. This can often mean that your estate does not pass to whom you wish. A Will is therefore advisable to avoid this situation. Today’s families are also more fluid with more marriages, half brothers and sisters and step-children. In these situations it is even more essential to receive professional advice so as to avoid pitfalls whereby your estate may eventually pass to persons you do not wish it to.

In making a Will you should also receive advice on Tax planning so as to take possible steps to reduce any Inheritance Tax which may be payable.

These days there are many suppliers of Wills other than Solicitors such as Will Writers, Banks and Insurance Companies as well as in the near future probably Supermarkets. Why choose our offices?

With our offices you get professional expertise gained from many years of preparing Wills for satisfied Clients. What you as a Client should expect and will get with our services is:-

Expert knowledge including related matters such as property rights and tax issues essential in preparing a Will.
Freedom of choice and advice in appointing Executors.
Professional service at a reasonable cost.
Less emphasis on cross selling of other products.
Home visits can be arranged when it is not possible to attend our offices.
Storage facilities for Wills.
If the need arises Indemnity cover and recognised channels for complaint.

When we lose someone who is dear to us it is always a sad and unsettling time. As well as coping with the emotions that your loss brings it is often an extremely stressful time in having to deal with the estate of the deceased. Often a Grant of Probate (if there is a Will) or Letters of Administration (where there is no Will) is required to deal with the estate. Our professional but sensitive approach in acting for Executors in such matters can often take away the worry and burden of dealing with the estate yourself and ensures that you receive the best advice in respect of all such matters including Tax advice. We do not charge any upfront fees in most estates with our reasonable charges being deducted from the estate at the end of the matter. We have years of experience in dealing successfully with estates and do so in a professional manner which Clients have found invaluable.

If we can assist you in respect of any of the above or if you just simply require more information or initial advice on such matters, please do not hesitate to contact our Private Client Team:

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