Employment law governs all contracts of employment. It is important that employers and employees know of their respective rights and duties. The law in this area is dynamic and progressive being updated more often than one may think. It is governed by substantial legislation which has been influenced and continues to be influenced by European law.

There are rights for employers and employees but given the way the law has developed in this field the rules and regulations can be complicated. It can be most beneficial to be aware of the employment laws to avoid disputes and to deal with disputes effectively and as economically as possible to achieve a resolution.

We act for both employers and employees in providing advice and representation in respect of employment issues. We deal with and provide representation in Employment Tribunal proceedings. The Employment Tribunals were designed to be a user friendly forum for resolving disputes. With the development of employment law over the years there is often a great deal of work that needs to be done to prepare a claim to be issued in the Tribunal or indeed defended. Having our firm acting for you in making or responding to an employment claim can be invaluable. Our expertise includes:-

Compromise agreements

Unfair dismissal

Sex discrimination

Race discrimination

Disability discrimination

Unlawful deductions from wages


Wrongful dismissal

Constructive dismissal

TUPE Regulations

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